AWS Redundant Docker logs

Our AWS, ElasticBeanstalk deployed services are running with Docker.

Our defines a both the logpath:

"LogPath": "/var/lib/docker/containers/<containerId>/<containerId>-json.log",
"LogConfig": {
        "Type": "json-file",
        "Config": {
            "max-file": "4",
            "max-size": "250m"

And indeed, the log files are there, and they rotate according to size (250m) and max of 4 files.

However, we have more logs files, which is not totally clear who is writing, which are found at /var/log/containers/ – and they are casuing us troubles, because they can grow to huge sizes, and chocke up the host.

These are not the files which are read when running docker logs <containerId>, because I’ve deleted them and still the docker logs works. When I delete the files at /var/lib/docker/containers/, on the other end, the docker logs returns empty.