Learning C# with a Java background

less than 1 minute read

I’m a Java programmer , and  I’m starting to work on a production project written in C# , so this is a great time to start learning this language . I’ve never used any of MS languages , so this is basically my first time in a .Net world .

So far I’ve found these resources , which are really great :

  1. Code snippets in Java Vs C# – This is just great! It takes snippets from java and shows how they would have been written in C# . It’s really very very useful .
  2. C# vs java - Very useful comparison between C# and Java - Every topic is dicussed in *short* , and have code snippets added.** Strongly recommended!**
  3. The C# Programming Language for Java Developers – Microsoft has a very detailed (and very well formed , actually) for people switching from Java to C# .
  4. Switching from Java to C# – A question posted on Stack Overflow – Many many good comments and resources.

I’ll keep this updated when I stumble upon more resources , but this is it for now. Most of the following posts will probably be about the Java –> C# transition.