Mockito! Your unit test side-kick

1 minute read


Your try to write a unit test to ComplexClass , but there’s just too much objects that needs to be passed into it , and they all have their inner-logic.



Basically , it something that creates an instance mock of every class you’ve ever had , AND it mocks its function calls! What does it mean?

lets take our ComplexClass and test it.

public class ComplexClass {   
 public ComplexClass(SomeClassA a , SomeClassB b) {   

In the old days , you’d have to create an A or a mock A manually , set it’s value , and make sure it returns whatever it’s supposed to. This would be time consuming , error-prone and generally annoying.

In comes Mockito:
Want to mock A? no problem!

A a = Mockito.mock(A.class);

That’s it! you have mocked class! . Now I know what you’re thinking - “What is it good for?”
Well , here comes the pure magic - you want it to return a specific value upon a function call? NP!


Still not convinced?
You can also make sure that specific functions have been called X amount of times ( Mockito.verify(a.times(1)).getId();)

So that’s Mockito in a nutshell , but I really recommend visiting their site and seeing what else they have to offer - It’s one of those little apps that will change the way you work (in a good way!)