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SVR322 - From Monolith to Modern Apps: Best Practices

We are a lean team consisting of developers, lead architects, business analysts, and a project manager. To scale our applications and optimize costs, we need to reduce the amount of undifferentiated heavy lifting (e.g., patching, server management) from our projects. We have identified AWS serverless services that we will use. However, we need approval from a security and cost perspective. We need to build a business case to justify this paradigm shift for our entire technology organization. In this session, we learn to migrate existing applications and build a strategy and financial model to lay the foundation to build everything in a truly serverless way on AWS.


ARC337 – Closing Loops and Opening Minds: How to Take Control of Systems, Big and Small

Whether it’s distributing configurations and customer settings, launching instances, or responding to surges in load, having a great control plane is key to the success of any system or service. Come hear about the techniques we use to build stable and scalable control planes at Amazon. We dive deep into the designs that power the most reliable systems at AWS. We share hard-earned operational lessons and explain academic control theory in easy-to-apply patterns and principles that are immediately useful in your own designs.


ARC403 – Resiliency Testing: Verify That Your System Is as Reliable as You Think

In this workshop, we illustrate how to set up your own resiliency testing. We set up a simple three-tier architecture and explore the failure modes with Bash and Python scripts. To participate, you need an account that can run AWS CloudFormation, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, Application Load Balancers, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS (MySQL), and the AWS Database Migration Service, and Route53.

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ARC335 – Failing Successfully in the Cloud: AWS Approach to Resilient Design

AWS global infrastructure provides the tools customers need to design resilient and reliable services. In this session, we discuss how to get the most out of these tools.

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SRV305 – Inside AWS: Technology Choices for Modern Applications

AWS offers a wide range of cloud computing services and technologies, but we rarely give opinions about which services and technologies customers should choose. When it comes to building our own services, our engineering groups have strong opinions, and they express them in the technologies they pick. Join Tim Bray, senior principal engineer, to hear about the high-level choices that developers at AWS and our customers have to make. Here are a few: Are microservices always the best choice? Serverless, containers, or serverless containers? Is relational over? Is Java over? The talk is technical and based on our experience in building AWS services and working with customers on their cloud-native apps.

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