Zorpia is a scam

1 minute read

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from a website called”Zorpia” claiming I have a message from someone named Katja. I’ve never signed into this website, and I also don’t know anyone named Katja, so I ignored the first and the second emails - but I just kept getting more and more of them, so I decided to find out what the hell is this website.

Apparently, Zorpia is some kind of a social website, with big aspirations and not a lot of actual value to anyone. It uses spam mechanisms in order to lure you in : if you click on any of the link in the email, it redirects you to a Google page asking you to allow Zorpia access to your personal info and contacts list, and if you’ve done the mistake of allowing it - all your friends will be spammed from now to the end of days with annoying, deceiving e-mails. Actually, this is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

It is widely reported by users that Zorpia service has a general problem with honouring privacy. People have been reporting that the account deletion requests are not honoured and their data is continuously used for outbound invitations, and their - supposedly deleted - photographs being shared with others.

So do yourself - and all your contacts - a favour, and spam all these messages asap, without clicking anything.