About Me

I’m a really passionate techie (everything from devops & backend to Machine Learning to iOS & Android apps), with a keen interest in Social sciences (I even went and got myself a Master’s degree in STS) and a dedicated Vipassana practitioner (since I was 23 y.o).

I’ve worked in very large firms (hey there, Intel) , small startups that became giants (hello to you too, Outbrain), medium startups that were bought by giants (Clearforest, now ThomsonReuters Foundation), joined crazy ventures (don’t exist anymore 😞), joined a bank (LeumiTech), realized it’s not for me, kept playing with fin-tech at Capitolis, and now at Altostra, where I help developers use Serverless instead of working in it .

I did Machine Learning, NLP, a little bit of Vision, some Speech-to-Text, billing, written backend in Java, Scala, RoR and Nodejs, built AWS infrastructure and developed Ionic apps for Android and iOS. So I’m kind of an all-around guy. I seek to be constantly engaged in curios things I haven’t done yet — I love tera-incognita, and rather walk the bleeding cutting edge.You can see more about me in my StackOverflow profile , or my Linkedin page