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Implementing the Scalable Webhook with Altostra

less than 1 minute read

I’ve published on our company’s blog a detailed explanation on how you can build and deploy the “Scalable Webhook” pattern using our tools. Have a look: Impl...

Debugging Spring Rest Requests

less than 1 minute read

We’ve been working with Spring Boot for a while now, and it gets the job done nicely. However, sometimes, somewhere between the model annotations, the defau...

Default Jackson serde in Spring

1 minute read

Problem We’re using Spring in most of our Java applications, and rely on Swagger for a lot of API calls. Now, having all the jackson annotations makes everyt...

Lambda: Move S3 file based on content

less than 1 minute read

We have a process that saves a file to an S3 bucket. We needed a lambda to read the file, parse part of the content, and move the file to the appropriate fol...

Basic Lambda to call internal VPC api

1 minute read

Product team decided they wanted a specific event to happen every time a specific email address receives an email. The first option was to poll mail server a...

Postgres - Logging queries

1 minute read

We had an issue with some JQL queries returning weird results from the db, so we wanted to see exactly what’s arriving to the psql service. To see that:

AWS Re:Invent 2018 – My Top Sessions

2 minute read

SVR322 - From Monolith to Modern Apps: Best Practices We are a lean team consisting of developers, lead architects, business analysts, and a project manag...