Managing both Hebrew & English wordpress on the same host

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I opened up a new blog about investments , and I wanted it to be in Hebrew. Problem is , WordPress is basically for ltr languages - and if you install the rtl version , you’ll get everything backwards.

So I had no choice but to have 2 different WP installations on the same hosting service (I really didn’t want to buy a new domain). The solution is fairly simple :

Install a new WP installation on a subdomain ( , in my case) , and then do the following:

  1. Download the Hebrew version of WP (or your own localized version of WP)
  2. Unzip it
  3. Upload the wp-content/languages folder (with all it’s content) from your computer to the same path on your host (usually www/YourSubDomain/wp-content)
  4. In your wp-config.php file :
    1. Locate the line <pre class="brush:php">define (‘WPLANG’, ); ```
    • *</li>

      • Add your language identifier (“he-IL” , in my case) to the line - so you get*

        define ('WPLANG', "he-IL");
        </em>* ** *** **</li> </ol> 
        ** **</li> 

      * Refresh   ** **** **** **</ol> 

      and you’re done!

      You now have 2 different installations of WP - one in English , and the other in Hebrew